Charity beanies

my latest batch!

Some were done in Harry Potter house colours…

They look really great!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

I’m curious…what pattern, yarn, and needle size(s) did you use?

They look fabulous! What charity are they going to?

Yes, I am curious about the charity myslef. Do tell.

Adorable…Those hats look great!!
You did a fabulous job!:cheering:
:heart: Love the colored stripes.

It’s a child’s hat.the pattern says it will fit 7 - 10 yrs

the beanies are 100 stitches cast on in 3.25mm needles,increased 1 stitch in last row of rib, worked in rib for 4ins,
then stocking stitch and 4mm needles till 6ins long, then decrease by k8, k2 tog,purl a row,k7, k2 tog and so ontill there’s 21 sts left,
then k2 tog across, draw thread through rem sts, and sewed up in backstitch. very easy!i use that all the time.i use double knitting wool - i believe it’s called worsted yarn in America?I’m English…

I’ve got the pattern for the basketweave hat on my other PC at home, if anyone would like that as well.

The charity I knit for is Samaritans Purse, for their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I’ve done about 40-odd this year so far…

Well done Jill! A great gift in your colder Christmas climate and 40 so far…wow!

That’s so cool! What an awesome charity project!!