Charitable donations needed

Hi all,

I know that knitters and crocheters are the most generous people on the face of this earth. So I know I am in the right place with my small request. I normally wouldn’t ask anyone to do this, but I believe in this cause. If this is in the inappropriate place, or I am overstepping my boundries, please let me know.

A co-woker and good friend of mine does an enormous amount of charity work through her church. About 12 years ago she and her husband traveled back to her country of Liberia to start a church. They also helped to build homes for many of the country’s poor. Every other year my friend, her husband, and the congregation travel back to her country to make sure that things are operating as they should. When they travel back to Liberia, they take with them lots of donated items for the hospitals, libraries, and schools. Of course I am going through my items to donate for them to take back this year. I am hoping that some of you extremely generous people will be able to help. My friend is collecting the following items:

[B]Bed sheets[/B] (light colored, twin size)
[B]baby blankets[/B]
[B]preemie hats[/B]
[B]books[/B] (gently used, kindergarten to young adult)
[B]writing supplies[/B]
[B]any clothing for a moderately warm climate[/B]
[B]light jackets[/B]

If anyone is interested in donating any items, please PM me and I will give you the address to ship your items.

Thanks again for all of your help!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

Hi all,

I just want to update this post to clarify something not mentioned in the original post.

Anyone who is interested in dontating items will be shipping the items to an address [B]in [/B]the United States. You would actually send the donated items to me and then my friend would pick them up from me and take them to Liberia with her. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I will answer them as best I can.

Thank you!