Chanson en crochet from IK online

here’s a version of the Chanson en Crochet from interweave knits online. I didn’t have enough of one dyelot so I omitted the flower part of the pattern and repeated the shells/ picot instead. wool from bare sheep yarn co in their tea rose colorway. again, I need a good button. I love this and can’t wait until it is cool enough here to use it. (tomorrow it will approach 100 degrees here again…)

now back to knitting!

That’s beautiful! I love the colours in your yarn. I must look up that pattern. Thanks for sharing! samm

Your version is very pretty, and probably warmer without the open spaces of the flower section to boot. :yay:


mary that is gorgeous!!!

:yay::yay:That is absolutely beautiful!! What kind of yarn is that?

I see that you are in Maryland. Next time I go there, I would like to meet you. I have friends in Bethesda, Rockville and Silver Springs. I lived in DC for 3 years.


That would be fun!! I live about 20 min north of downtown silver spring. I had an apartment in NW DC when I was in grad school- in the foggy bottom area.

it is a worted weight hand dyed wool from bare sheep wool company which is also in Maryland!

OMG, that’s exactly where I lived. I went to GWU, class of '98.


Really?? I finished grad school in 1996- I was in the genetics department (part of the medical school now, I think). I lived over on 20th and E, near the old red cross building! (I think they tore it down or remodeled the building- it doesn’t look the same any more. ) What a small world!! We probably passed unawares… Very cool!

The last 2 years I lived on 21st and G, I think (Guthridge Hall). I worked at the hospital (Pediatrics Department) for a year. That was part of my work study. I also worked in the language center, Lisner Auditorium and admissions. I’m sure we probably crossed each other in one of those halls. I major in Sociocultural Anthropology. After all these years, I went back last october for like 10 minutes. Everything seemed so different and crowded. WOW! What a small world!



Great work !


So pretty! Those colors are just stunning!

I was just looking at the Chanson en Crochet and yours is different. I like your version better. I love collars and this looks like a gorgeous one. Their pattern is more like a capelet. Am I looking at the same pattern you used?

yes- I omitted the flower part at the bottom. instead I repeated the scallop rows, then did the picot edge. I didn’t like the flower part and I didn’t have so much yarn in one dyelot. it is a little shorter on me than the one is on the model, but I like it.

So specifically, I followed the pattern through row 12. then, I went back and repeated rows 1-6 (allowing for the increase in stitches) then I skipped back to row 21-22 and then followed the finishing rows.

my wool also seems a little stiffer and I could have used a larger hook- while I had gauge in my swatch I think I tightened up while working.

I’m going to make another one for a friend, using these modifications again.

oh my gosh that is gorgeous!!! :cheering: