Channel island cast on, i *own* you!

woot! i did it. :yay:

i ordered a meg swansen video specifically b/c it had the channel island cast on for the guernsey she was knitting.

i had initially found an online tutorial with still pics, but i just wasn’t getting it. after watching meg do it about 5 times, i finally got it. and i’m psyched!

i cast on for a pair of lightweight socks (bamboo) for myself and wanted them to have a feminine cast-on around the cuff. cloud9

i just did my FIRST EVER short row heel. awesome! i’m going to do the same for the toe too. it’s amazing how the method for the heel can work exactly the same for the toe.

i will NEVER (did I just say that?) do flap and gusset again. i DETEST gussets!!!

sounds very cool. I’ve been wanting to learn some new cast ons. maybe ther’s hope for me.

Never even heard of it–but it’s exciting to learn new things, isn’t it?? Especially when the pictures you’ve agonized over for hours don’t work for you–and then you find the video!! I’m so glad for you, and I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. I think this place is one of the most interesting learning experiences I’ve ever had.:cheering::cheering:

for those who have never seen it, every other stitch you cast on uses double strands, which gives a beaded/knotted effect to every other stitch. overall, it looks sort of like a rounded picot. i love it!