Changing yoke after finished garment

Hi there. I have a sweater (my first ever) and I knitted it a while back and I am not happy with the yoke. Since it’s knitted from top to bottom in one go I was hoping someone can advise me if it’s wise to rip open the yoke and knit it up from the bottom with a different style. Anyone ever done that? I really like the rest of the sweater and don’t want to rip the whole thing. Thank you.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
I’ve used this method to lengthen or shorten a sweater body or sleeves. Never tried it on a yoke but it should work. You could then follow your pattern bottom up, decreasing instead of increasing.
That is unless the shaping was the problem. At any rate you should be able to modify as you wish.

I have cut knitting a few times, sometimes just to change the cast on edge because I want to use a pretty bind off or to change the length.
Only thing I’d suggest is think about what the stitch is you are cutting into and if that stitch pattern will continue smoothly working up or if there would be a jog in the fabric. If there would likely be a jog you could add a garter ridge or line of eyelets or some suitable design feature to avoid the jog problem.
I think it’s a great idea to change it if you don’t like it as it is.

I’d also suggest trying out the cutting on a swatch before diving in to the jumper. Almost every time I’ve done this I’ve lost an extra row which I wasn’t expecting, it’s lack of experience on my part.

It should be possible. Could you post a photo? Or, could you tell us if there are any design elements – e.g. stripes, stranded pattern, texture stitches – that might complicate things?