Changing yarn weights

I made this really easy quick neck warmer and liked it so much I want to make some more but with heavier yarn. I know this is possible I just don’t know for sure how to do it. This is really nice for keeping the neck warm in cold weather without going to a lot of trouble. (I’ve been practicing on a straight needle)

I will be using size 11 circular needles but can you help with the length of the needle? I used a 26 in circular with worsted weight. Would a 26 in work out okay with this yarn? Or should I go with a longer cable? (Bernat Softee Chunky)

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

BTW I’ve been casting on 92 stitches with the worsted weight.

For small things like hats and neck warmers you have two choices. If you want to just knit around then a 16" is the size you need. If you want longer, like 40" then you need to do magic loop.

You might be able to get away with a 24-26", but the stitches may be stretched a bit.

If you have the yarn the best thing to do is try then you’ll know whether you need a shorter cable or a longer one and do magic loop.

Thanks, Jan. That gives me some choices. But here’s what I did. I casted on 101 stitches, k a row, then binded off. Now I have this long “pig tail” to go by.

So I measured off 26 inches which is what I think is the right size for the neck warmer, after measuring around my neck and also the finished one. Counting stitches, it turns out 91 stitches would make it a 26 inch neck warmer, so I’m thinking if I cast on 92 it would work. How does that sound? As soon as I’m sure, I’m going ahead and get some #11 X 26 in circulars.

Since you mentioned magic loop, tell me what is the general reason for using it instead of regular circular knitting? Just curious.

Magic Loop- the two main reasons I use it -

  1. When making a hat you don’t have to switch to another method to close the top if you’re doing decreases. Magic Loop start to finish!

  2. When you set your project down you can slide the stitches down the needles and they are less likely to slide off.

It does take some practice to master, but it’s all I use now. I don’t even own straight needles.

If you’re neck warmer is 26" that’s perfect! :thumbsup:[CENTER][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Save[/COLOR][/CENTER]

I think since I checked it to get the length, it just might work and if it doesn’t, back to the drawing board… :wink:

I don’t have much speed but I’m working on it, so I know it would take me forever to knit the magic loop way. I’d be so nervous I was messing up. Maybe someday…

Maybe someday, someone in my small town will have a knitting class to advance my knowledge. Michaels has one but it’s way over my budget! :shock: