Changing yarn weight in pattern

Dear knitting gurus,

Can anyone tell me an EASY way to change a pattern from …say…a bulky weight yarn to a sport weight?

I find thay I prefer to knit on size 7 or 8’s and want to be able to ‘convert’ patterns. Is there a ‘formula’ or any softeware for this?


There may be, but I don’t know it - it’s diy math. Take your sts/inch times how big around you want it and that will be how many stitches you need for both front and back. If that number of stitches is close to the stitches in a larger size, use that, adjusting the length. If that doesn’t work, then use the number of sts you need, following a schematic for the inches needed in your size and a tape measure, and just use the pattern as a basis for your sweater. BTW, you can use worsted weight on 8s, that will help the gauge conversion factor than if you use thinner yarn.

I’m always changing yarns, gauge and use this:

Input old gauge numbers, your new gauge numbers and it’ll calc your new no of sts. You can ascertain new incs/decs with the ‘Shaping’ feature (sleeves, necklines, etc).

Depending on the style of the pattern, you may need to graph out the slope armholes using orig nos and then regraph with the new nos. (Lots of sites with freebie knitting graph paper. Just input your old gauge on one, overlay new gauge and trace slope. Determine your new BOs.)

I’ve used this MANY times…works like a charm.


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