changing wool colour in a pattern

Hi all, I’m in the UK, I’m knitting an Olaf sweater and I’ve come to the point where I am knitting Olaf. I’m stuck however as I have never knitted a pattern like this before and I don’t know how to incorporate the new colour of wool for Olaf. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance

If it’s similar to this one, you’ll use the intarsia technique.

Here’s a video to get you started:

Hi, thank you for your reply, I looked at a you tube video of the intarsia technique but wasn’t sure if the same applied for patterns such as Olaf. The sweater isn’t too dissimilar to the one you sent a picture of, thank you.

Yep, you’ll need to use intarsia knitting. Any large blocks of color are done with that method. Is the sweater knit flat? It’s easiest to knit flat when doing intarsia.

Hi, sorry what do you mean by knit flat?

Knitting flat means knitting each piece individually - the front, the back etc. then seaming the pieces together later.
Adding in a new colour is very easy in a knit row. Insert the working needle ( usually righthand needle unless you are lefthanded) into the next stitch that is to be worked with the new colour. Loop the new colour around the working needle and make a stitch as usual. Twist the first colour yarn and new yarn together to prevent a gap.

This video shows you how to join in a second ball of yarn, how to twist the old and new together and how to carry on with the new colour( even though it says the video is to show you how to add in a new ball when you run out of yarn the procedure is exactly the same for adding a new colour mid row) Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Oh ok, yes it is knitted flat but I am on a purl row when the new colour is first added, is that ok?

Yes, it will be the same procedure except you’ll be purling (of course lol)
Here’s another good video, using Purl, in case you need to ‘see’ it. Good Luck with your project :smiley:

Thank you! very helpful :smiley:

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