Changing types, not sizes of needles

This may be a rather silly question to all of you seasoned knitters out there, but… I just started working on a sweater for my daughter and want to change needle types. I am currently using bamboo and want to change to Addi’s. Will this leave a noticeable difference in the stockinette stitch? I’d like to work on it this afternoon, but all the yarn stores are closed on Sunday so can’t go pick up some Addi’s. (They are my new favorite needle) So far I’ve only done the ribbing on the bottom as didn’t figure that would make much difference.

That will work out just fine especially since you’re going from ribbing to stockinette. If you were knitting completely in plain stockinette, the row where you changed needles might show because your tension may vary slightly on the more slippery needle but not from ribbing to st st.

Gotta love those Addis, huh?:thumbsup: