Changing to knit in the round

I would like to make this Bonnet

but I would prefer to knit it in the round as to avoid dreaded (at least to me) seaming.

I know that if it was purl across then it would be fine, but can I change the directions from knit to purl and work them backwards? Will that work?

Thanks so much!

You would have to reverse the order of the sts. If you wrote out each row as written, the recopied it backwards, you could do it.

You would still have to work flat for the first part until after the lace pattern and the 4 1/2" of stockinette is completed (if you read further you are only supposed to seam up the area with the crown shaping - the first part remains open). After the beginning is done, you could join on the first row of the “shaping crown” section, then follow directions for odd rows. I would just knit across on even rounds, then your crown would be totally seamless - if you purl where they say knit on the ends of the even rows you will wind up with a fake seam, since you’d have a row of 2 purl stitches running up the middle.

Good catch, I was looking to see if it was seamed all the way up, the picture doesn’t look like it.

I may try it for a friend of mine. It’s cute and looks fast and easy.

I kind of picture it like this, only with a point by the forehead instead of straight across:

Hey maybe we will be making it at the same time… going to get yarn for it this weekend…

And thanks for all the help! And for catching that! Love the picture… really made me laugh