Changing to DPNs

Hi -
I am new here and LOVE this place. Here’s my question: I have tried knitting a hat with circular needles but when I switched to DPNs to decrease, my stitches went from smooth Vs to bumpy. Once I switch to DPNs should I be purling instead of knitting as with the circulars?
Your help is greatly appreciated - thanks so much in advance!

You are still working in the round, so for stockinette, you should still be knitting every round. Sometimes the transition between the needles gets a little wonky. Try tightening up on your first two stitches of each needle and that should help. Also, washing your project once complete helps to even out your stitches.

Thank you so very much! I can’t wait to try it again.

mski - are your bumpy stitches still the “V” shape or do you mean they are now purl bumps (and the inside of the work that you did on circs is now the "V"s)? if purl bumps, it sounds like you’re knitting on the inside. are you holding the working needles closest to you and the non-used ones are farthest away from you? or…did you accidently turn the work inside out when you put it on the DPNS?

Hi Krazy4kats -
The stitch was stockinette when I was knitting with the circular needles, but when I switched to the DPNs it appeared to become a garter stitch. I don’t recall how I was holding the needles - this was a few months ago and I’ve been wary about trying it again. I really made a mess of it, though!