Changing the gauge

I need help. I want to knit a pattern that is written for a bulky yarn and I want to knit it with DK weight yarn. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the pattern? I would be forever grateful. Budster

Well, someone will answer that’s more knowledgeable, but that’s a huge difference in weight and would require you to nearly rewrite the pattern I think. It would be easier to find a similar one for DK weight yarn. Please link to the pattern or give us a pattern name so we can help you better. (don’t copy the whole pattern here though it’s against copyright.)

I would knit a square in your yarn and compare it to the instructions.

If it’s close, I add the difference in stitches and knit. You will have to adjust the pattern for stitch count as you go. Measure your pieces before casting off.:thumbsup:
If it’s a big difference then you are better off(and less frustrated) to find a pattern that uses the yarn you have.
Good luck…I say go for it!!

Experience is what you get, when you didn’t get what you wanted!!:mrgreen:

It may work to take about twice the sts and rows since doubling a dk yarn usually works out to a bulky weight. If it’s a scarf, this will work, if it’s a sweater, maybe not.

Thank you to Jan, Offgridgirl, and Suzeeq! I am brand new at this(forums, not knitting) and I appreciate your suggestions as to how to do it better. The pattern I want to make is a Berroco free pattern called “Nimbus” and I know that I would look like a loaf of bread if I knit it like it is shown. I cannot find a pattern I like as well calling for thinner yarn. I will try your suggestions and if you have any more, please post them. Budster

Well, you can try a smaller needle about a size 5 or 6 and see if you get twice the gauge - 6 sts/inch. If so, then try casting on twice the sts and knit twice the rows or go by the length measurement. Start with a sleeve to see if that would work out.

I looked on Ravelry and the sweaters made with it look great even in bulky or super bulky. No loaves of bread in the bunch IMO. :lol: