Changing the armhole

I’ve fallen for a sweater pattern, but it has set in sleeves. I notice that my favourite sweater has saddle sleeves (I think. They’re possibly raglan) Either way, is it possible to alter the pattern for the changes I want to make?

If you find a pattern that has the type of sleeves/shoulders you want, I’m sure you could combined the stitch/color pattern for one and apply it to the other.

I was a bit worried, because the sweater I like has intarsia argyle and I wasn’t sure how to interrupt that. Do I just bind off, like the directions say?

:thinking: Do you mean and maintain the color pattern? If you’re adding a collar or picking up stitches anywhere on that edge, the bind off wouldn’t show, anyway. I don’t know if you can really keep the edge exact when you pass the stitches off the end of the needle. Maybe just binding off in the main color of the intarsia patch would look ok.

I’m sure that, a year from now, when I finally knit the dang thing and I post it you’ll be able to see how it turns out. :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: I’m the same way. If I have a question, I want the answer now, even if I won’t use it for a long time.