Changing stitches in a pattern

Hi… I’m starting to knit a blanket and it calls for 181 stitches it’s going to be 52 x 60 but I don’t want to make one that large so I’m not sure how to cut down on the stitches without messing the pattern up… thank you

Can you post a link to the pattern of at least a picture?

If it’s just garter stitch you can just cast on whatever you want, but if there are decorative stitches we need to know what the pattern is to help you.

Ok…the pattern is:
Crystal lace knit blanket
Is this the pattern?

Yes it is

The repeat is 11 stitches plus 16. So you can cast on any multiple of 11 and add on 16sts to that: 121 + 16 or 132 + 16 or 143 + 16 for example.

Thank you do much… Is there a formula for doing this, I usually guess and I’m wrong… Again, thanks!

Decide how wide you would like the blanket to be. Then look at the pattern gauge (14sts/4inches). If you’d like a blanket 40 inches wide, that would be 140sts.
124 is close to 121 which is divisible by 11, so you could cast on 121+16=137sts and that would be just slightly smaller than the 140sts or 40 inches that you want.

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