Changing stitch in middle of sweater pattern


I have a simple sweater pattern that calls for the whole sweater to be knit in garter stitch. I don’t like the way it looks and am wondering if i could do a border of 5 or 6 rows of garter then switch to stockinette stitch. With the same amount of stitches and following the same pattern would it turn out the same size?



In my experience, garter stitch requires more stitches and rows, to achieve the same size as a swatch in stockinette stitch.

Your result would also be influenced by whether or not your knit and purl gauges are the similar, and if your pattern relies heavily on counted rows (rather than knit until piece measures such and such).

Garter stitches are squarish and stockinette is narrower… in other words it might change your gauge. So your sweater could be smaller. Not sure how much though so you’d have to do a swatch.

Is there something else about this pattern you particularly like? If not, then find another pattern.