Changing souble strand of yarn

My name is Cicely Harley. I’m knitting a afghan holding 2 strands of yarn together. How does one join new yarn with this method?

Hi Cicely and welcome!
Somehow this slipped by. Usually the two strands of yarn don’t give out at the same time so you can replace each strand as it runs out. I just overlap the new strand with the old and knit with both for one or two sts. In your case, it’ll be 3 strands for one or two sts. The extra thickness really doesn’t show. There are other techniques for splicing yarn but this is my go-to method.

Thanks so much, I had been joining all four threads @ the ends of rows & found it difficult to weave 4 strands back into my work. I found a video on this site on Russian join & used it with good success.

OK, great. Russian join is a very nice one to use.