Changing sock pattern sizing?

I really like the pattern I use for socks (silver’s), I’ve made lots of them for me, DH and DD but my son is only eight and is feeling a bit left out. Is there a simple way I haven’t heard of to alter the pattern to fit so he can have some too?

When sizing a pattern for a person that I can measure I always use the tips that I found on Knitty Gritty, they can be found here I measure around the biggest part of the foot (usually the ball of the foot) and multiply it by my gauge and subtract 5-10% and increase to the nearest # that is divisible by 4 bc I most always do a 2/2 ribbing to begin. Let’s say the foot is 8.5 inches around & gauge is 8sts to inch, which would be 68 and I would reduce to 64 sts to cast on. I hope this is helpful. :wink:

I love this site! It makes the same type of socks silvers does, but you can put in your own dimensions for a perfect fit.

Thanks! :cheering:
He’s picking colors as we speak. :x: