Changing sleeves

I just got this pattern

and I have the perfect yarn for it. :cheering: BUT, I want the sleeves to be full-length sleeves and not 3/4 sleeves (and I’m considering adding a few inches to the body length so it hits high hip and not at my waist). The sleeves are made by knitting the cable band and picking up stitches to knit the stockinette stitch sleeves.

I have never tried to modify a pattern like this. Does anyone have any suggestions (or good reference books) on changing sleeves? I figure once I get from wherever I start on the sleeves to the 50 stitches the pattern calls for picking up at the 3/4 point, I can follow the pattern from there, but I have no clue how to work that first few inches of sleeve.


The sleeve probably has you increase every 4 or 5 rows up the sleeve, but if you add that many stitches in the beginning, it may be too big at the top.

What you can do is start at the cuff, increase as they say and then knit straight until you get the length you want.

If you prefer thinner wrists and fuller at the top of the sleeve, then delay increasing until you have the 3/4 length leftto do.

Or you can do some math and divide the amount of increases among the total length of the sleeve you want to have.

If you want to install this free little program:

go to Shaping, input the no of sts for the wrist, the no of sts for upper arm, and then the no of rows (all of these based on your gauge). Make sure you’re opting for the 2-sided calcs. For instance, if you want a 9" wrist, multiply 9x(your st gauge) for the small no, then if 16" upper arm multiply 16x(your st gauge) for the large, determine how long you want the sleeve to be for the total no of rows. Best to work with even numbers being you’ll be adding something divisible by 2. It’ll tell you how many incs and when to make them. Very easy.