Changing skeins

I am knitting a scarf that will take at least two skeins of yarn. How do I go from one skein to another? I do not want a seam between the two parts.

There are several ways to join yarn listed on the Tips page, any of them work whether they’re the same colors or different ones.

What I do is loosely tie the ends together, leaving a little bit of a tail on each, work a few more rows, then go back and rearrange the knot so it doesn’t show and tighten it, then pull the ends through the nearby stitches.

I don’t like knots so I just start knitting with the new skein. When I’m done I weave in the ends.

Depending on the yarn and pattern you can often knit with both yarns for 3 or 4 stitches then cut the ends when you’re done. There are various ways to join though on the tips page.

If your yarn is wool, you can make your yarn a continuous strand by doing a “felted join” before you run out of yarn. I like doing that, because you don’t have any knots or ends to weave in.

As long as it’s not superwash wool. :wink:

Exactly. :thumbsup:
I should have said that the felted join would work for any yarn that will felt.

Thank you for the help. I found the videos in the Tips area. I don’t know why I could not find it before. I am using superwash wool, in one color. I will try knitting with both yarns for a few stiches. There is still a lot of yarn left on the skein I am using, so it will be a while before I actually get to another skein. I will post then.

Thanks again

I knitted yarn from the new skein into the scarf I am making by doubling it with yarn from the old skein. I then cut the loose ends because they were getting in the way. I was afraid they would pop through, so I tied them together in a knot. I don’t know if that is recommended. I had no trouble knitting the next row. Thank you for helping me.:slight_smile: