Changing sizes thereby changing decreases

I need to increase the cast-on for a hat and know from experience that I’ll need to change where and “how” to decrease when I reach the top. How do I figure it out?

Find a multiple that goes into your st number and use that minus 2 sts for the number of sts you knit between decreases. For instance, 88 is a multiple of 11 and 8 - you can either k9, k2tog around or k6, k2tog around, depending on how many decs you want per round. Then a knit round next and the inc round after that you knit 1 less st - k8, k2tog or k5, k2tog.

Or 76 is a multiple of 4 and 9 and you’d want to go with the 9 multiple - k7, k2tog.

Okay, let’s see if I get this right. I had to increase the cast on from 72 to 99 (I’d figured out the multiple was 9). So, I do my ribbing, do the first increasing (which I think is one after K8, right?) to 108. Do all my stock. st. to the size I want, then…
just start doing a decrease of K7, K2tog; Knit; K6, K2tog; Knit; K5, K2tog…etc down to K2tog around, then knit? Does that sound right? Thanks for your help, suzeeq!

Yes, that would work, gives you 12 decs on each dec round.