Changing rows on dpn's without a "jog"

Hi! I’m working on Susie Rogers Reading Mitts and when I do the lace pattern you can see a jog where I change rows, any ideas how to fix this??

I wonder if there’s a way to slip the first stitch of the round to pull up the previous round and avoid the jog. This is one way to make jogless stripes and some variation may work with lace. Usually, the lace pattern covers up the jog unless you’re carefully looking for it.
Cute mitts!

Thanks so much, I’ll give that a try. All the instructions I found related to stripes, not patterning so I guess you’re right, it shouldn’t create too much of a problem…typical of me to make it harder than it needs to be!!

Well, it’s an excellent thought. I’ve seen a method for avoiding jogs in garter stitch in the round but I would have to be really annoyed by those jogs before I’d go to that method.
Enjoy knitting the mitts. We’d love to see a photo!

Ok, I think I’m over it! I tried your suggestion and I think it’s just overkill for my purposes. I really do appreciate your advice though, it’s so go to know I can throw out a question and you all are there to answer