Changing Row instructions To Work in The Round

Can someone explain to me how the following pattern would be worked in the round?

Row 1-(WS) p4, k1, to end
Row 2- (RS) knit all sts

Would the following be correct?

Round 1- (RS) knit all sts
Round 2- (WS) k4, p1, to end

I am making the Banana Tree Cardigan (a free pattern here on Ravelry). I want to make the sleeves in the round.

When you work in the round, keep the rs rows the same, and work the ws the opposite (both the stitchs and the direction).

Row 1-(WS) (p4, k1) repeat to end
Row 2- (RS) knit all sts

would become
Round 1 -(p1, k4) repeat to end
Round 2 -knit

Thank you and when I get the free time I’ll sit down and work on it to see it I can work it correctly.