Changing pattern to smaller size

I just knitted my grandson a hooded cardigan that the pattern states is done in size 4-6. I want to make it for my granddaughter but she would be a 2-4. How can I change this pattern to a smaller size?

Is there something about that particular pattern that you want the same one? Why not find a hooded cardigan pattern in the correct size.,,695942_711888,00.html

You might be able to knit the smaller size on thinner yarn and smaller needles and that may work out.

The cardigan is for a brother and sister so I wanted to make them the same one.

Another way to change it if you don’t want to go down in yarn and needle size is to look at the stitch differences between sizes. It may be something like 6 or 8 sts from one size to another. Then go down one ‘size’ from the smallest given. Do this for the cast on numbers including the sleeves, and wherever a stitch number is given - after increases or decreases for instance.