Changing needles


I have a question about changing needles when knitting in the round. I’m a fairly new knitter, and just knitted my first hat. The instructions called for knitting the bottom ribbing with a size 6 needle, then changing to a 7 for the remainder of the hat. I couldn’t find instructions anywhere online or in the knitting books I have about exactly how to change needles (which surprised me), so I just slipped the stitches purlwise onto one end of the new needle. It seemed to work OK, but I’m wondering it that was the “right” way to do it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can slip the stitches purlwise as you’ve done or you can just start knitting with the new needle and when you get through you just put the old needle away. :thumbsup:

Yup. That’s all you do. I’m assuming you slipped them to another circular needle. Otherwise you have to use an intermediary needle if you’re going from straight to straight.

You have to slip them purlwise otherwise they will twist.

Thanks, everyone! I’m glad to hear I did it the right way. I’m still surprised not to come across how to change needles in any knitting books or online.

What you did was not “wrong”, but I’d do like Jan said and just start knitting with the new needle. Easier.

In some patterns they will tell you to slip stitches a certain way, or when you change needles to do that a certain way. But not enough patterns do tell you.

It’s easier to just start knitting with the other needles. Since the sts made with the smaller needles are smaller, they may be too tight to just put them on the bigger needles.