Changing needles types - affects tension?

Has anyone ever switched from say, wooden to aluminum needles midway through a project.

If the needle size is the same, will tension be affected at all? Aluminum needles have less friction, does that cause the knitter to knit stitches more loosely?

Anyone had to do this and notice something different in their knitting?

It can affect your tension–I think it depends on the yarn and the knitter.

I suspect different needle types will affect your tension a bit. No real scientific evidence, but I swear that when I use super slippery needles (like KP Options), my knitting is looser. That may be an illusion because it just slides so much easier, though.

I knit a baby blanket using Denise, Boye, and KP Options, and I can’t tell where one needle stopped and the other started, so it’s not a huge change in tension. Of course, if it had been a garment that had to actually fit someone, that might have been a different story.


:?? I asked this same question at my LYS and was told that changing needles can affect the tension. I haven’t tried it myself, though.
As for tension on aluminums, they feel so slippery that I tend to drop stitches. I compensated by tightening up too much causing fatigue in my hands, so stopped using them. Depending on the project, I now use Clover, Bryspun, Inox, and Joann’s brand that appears to be an Inox wannabe. Have completed several projects with Inox on synthetics and baby alpaca using circs and DPNs and Inox is my favorite. The stitches move nicely on the needles without dropping and I love the points. I just started my first pair of socks in a washable wool blend and am using Clovers as I heard that wood is best for socks. When I find an appropriate project that calls for speed (maybe a baby blanket) I want to try Addi Turbos.