Changing needle sizes

:thinking: I have a variety of straight needles and circle needles; some the same, but some different. Seems no matter what I start to do, I still don’t have the size I need, then I wonder is it better to be a size or two to big or a size or two to small. Many items I think it’s not a huge deal…but here’s my current size ?? Circle needles I have a 8, then jump up to a 13, straight needles I have a 10 then jump to 13.

Wanting to make a pair of leg warmers with reg. knitted worsted weight yarn. Somewhere (and now I can’t find where), I found a pattern on line and jotted down the following directions:
Start with size 13 cast on 28
K2 P1 for 28 rows
change to needle size 11 for more 12 more rows.

The straight needles I have are short ones and 28 is pretty iffy. Tried it on 10’s for practice and it’s hard to keep them on, so thought I’d go circle not realizing I didn’t have the right combination of sizes.

:doh: :doh: Please would like some advice.

Thinking of using my 8 circle needles but casting on some extra stitches since what I wrote down was just the number needed for size small.

And or
a 2nd pattern doesn’t require changing sizes but says to cast on 46 (50-54) using size 10 needles
K2P2 first row and switching to P2K2 for the next row until piece measures 16 1/2 inches, then stitiching it up.


I would suggest looking @ for another pattern or googling for a free pattern and see if you can find one that you can work with by measuring the gauge recommended in the pattern by doing a gauge swatch with the needles that you have on hand :wink:

Thanks Rebecca, I already did a search for patterns, which is how I came up with the 2 I had. Trying to stick to the easiest and quiest. Have also looked around a bit on line and seems the only circle needles that aren’t the long ones (29 and 36 inches) are the more expensive wooden ones. Looks like another trip to the store for more needles. I’m beginning to remember one of the reasons I crocheted ore than knitted. You have a couple of crochets hooks and you can make almost anything. Knitting you neeed short needles, long needles, straight ones, and circle ones, or double pointed, pins, markers, etc. The people who make knitting goodies must make more money than the crochet folks do. :XX:

Didn’t want to invest in ones of those kits with interchangeable stuff, but by the time I keep buying new sizes will have probably more than that wrap up…though I do hate metal needles and this way can stick to plastic and or wooden ones. :thumbsup: