Changing Needle Sizes

I just started this morning on a slightly modified version of Knitty’s Everlasting Bagstopper (pattern), and I’ve finished the base, picked up my stitches, knit my five rows of stockinette, and now I’m ready to change needles.

The pattern says, “Chg to US 10.5 needles and k 1 round.”

Seems straightforward enough, and I’m probably over-thinking it, but does that mean to just transfer the stitches over and knit a round, or knit on to the larger needles and then knit another round?


You’re original instinct is correct.

Just start knitting the next row(or round) with the larger needles.

Linda in NC

Thank you so much! I thought maybe it was a little superfluous to knit another round after creating a knit row on to the new needles, but I just wasn’t sure. :notworthy: