Changing Needle Size

I’ve encountered a few patterns that require you to change from one size needle to another. How do you do this? I am guessing you’d have to bind off with the first size needle, and then pick up stitches with a second size? I’m new to knitting and loving it…just want to learn as much as possible.

Thanks, everyone!

you just start knitting with the new size needle. let’s say you just finished a row and your pattern tells you to start using smaller needles. so, you put the larger needle with all your work on it in your left hand and a smaller needle in your right and just start knitting. after that row is finished, your work will be on the smaller needle, pick up the other smaller needle from your set and continue knitting.

Jax is right. No binding off is needed, just keep knitting like Jax said.

How do you do it on circulars? The same way?

Yes . I am currently knitting an afghan that requires casting on to a size 6 and knitting 6 rows and then change to a size 7 to start the pattern row. When I get finished with row six and ready to start row 7 I will then use a size 7 to knit stitches in the pattern off the size 6 needle just as if they were straight needles.

What I find helpful when I’m changing circular sizes, is to put a “stopper” at the ends of the new and old sizes-- that is, the ends I’m not working with. When doing it, I find that I stop paying attention to the stitches coming off the old circular, and that sometimes they start falling off. The “stopper” keeps that from happening.
When you change circular needle sizes, and you just start knitting onto the new size needle, you’re gradually shifting the sts from the old one to the new one-- you’ll see it happen as you do it.

I have a set of Boye interchangeable needles, when I need to change I change the needle head on the working end of the needle. This way I don’t have to worry about the stitches at the “other” end of the needle.