Changing Needle Size - Why?

I bought a pattern leaflet today for several baby afghans.

Two of the afghans call for casting on with a US13 needle and k1,p1 for several rows before changing to a US15 needle to begin the body of the blanket. The first and last ten stitches on each edge of the blanket is still working k1,p1 though.

In the pictures on the leaflet and a couple others I found online it’s obvious that the stitches worked on US13 size are pulling in narrower than the body of the blanket.

Is there a good reason to follow the pattern on this or should I just stick with the US15 for the entire blanket?

The only reason I could think the designer changed size was to keep the edges looking neater, but with the rib stitch I wouldn’t think that would be such a problem.

I’m pretty new at blankets so any help / advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

It probably is a “design feature” who knows for what reason. Maybe you could start with the 13’s and then when you’re supposed to switch just stay with the 13s and knit a couple of rows to see how it looks…that way if you don’t like it you can always rip back and change to the 15s like the pattern calls for. Just put in a lifeline if ripping makes you nervous.

Most folks typically knit ribbing more loosely than they knit other stitches, so many patterns compensate by either using a smaller needle for the ribbing, or by using a smaller number of stitches (often 10% fewer & then increasing the stitches for the body).

Here is an example of a pattern that did not compensate for the looser rib stitches and the ribbing does look a bit too loose:

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“SeaGreen”]I’d say it really comes down to what looks good to you. Do you like the “look” of the size change, or do you like the look of the 10" of ribbing knitted on US15?

If you see a pucker on the leaflet and don’t like it, then do what looks and feels right to you.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

We won’t tell the knitting police if you don’t follow the pattern exactly.

I knit baby rugs with a double rib border, and use the same size needles for the border as I do for the rest of the rug. The rugs look just right, perfectly rectangular. I can imagine what you mean about it pulling in, and that wouldn’t look good. I’d try using the 15’s throughout.