Changing gauge & yarn with patterns

my pattern calls for a bulky yarn, but i really like this worsted weight yarn. how can i recalculate the pattern for this new yarn?

How hard that would be would probably depend on if there are any fancy stitches or cables, but here’s how I would approach it:

  1. Figure out your gauge for the worsted weight yarn by making a swatch.

  2. Look at the dimensions of your pattern. Use that as a guideline for how many stitches you need to cast on.

For example, say you are making a sweater that is 20" wide at the back in plain stockinette.

Your bulky yarn might come out to 4 st to the inch, so you would cast on 4st x 20" = 80 st.

Your worsted weight might come out to 6 st to the inch, so you would then cast on 6st x 20" = 120 st.

Use the dimensions of your pattern for the other areas.

If you have cables or something like that, you will probably have to do a little adjusting to make sure you have the correct multiple of stitches to cast on.

If you can provide information on the pattern, that would be great!

Do a swatch so you know the gauge you get with that yarn and needles. You’ll then need to calculate the stitches needed to obtain the same size piece as the original pattern.

For example: If they say the desired gauge is 3 stitches/inch and tell you to cast on 60 stitches, you know that 60 divided by 3 = 20"

If you get 5 stitches/inch with your yarn, to get 20" you’ll need to cast on 5 times 20 = 100 stitches.

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After you figure out your gauge times your size needed and come up with a stitch number, see if a larger size of the pattern has stitches close to that number. If so, follow that size, but adjust for your length.