Changing from reverse stockinette to stockinette

This seems like a dumb question but… my pattern calls for a switch from reverse stockinette to stockinette for the yoke. How do you do that? Thanks!

Reverse stockinette is just the back side of what we usually consider stockinette…so it’s the bumpy side. Instead of purling on the back just knit on the back side and knit on the front doing the reverse of what you were doing before.

Assuming your knitting flat here…if you’re knitting in the round you’d have to purl every row to get reverse stockinette.

On a front side row to swithch from rev. stockinette, begin a row of knit sts.

thanks very much! (I knew it was a duh! question but I was stymied and didn’t want to hike to the knit store in 100+ degrees)