Changing from flat to tubular knitting

Hi. I’m making a tubular scarf with stranded color work. I don’t want to keep it an open tube at the ends. The pattern calls for 10 rows of 1x1 ribbing before the color work starts. It is 100 stitches around. My thought is to knit the ribbing flat, then place every other stitch onto 2 separate needles. So each K is on the front needle and each P is on the back needle, 50 per needle. Then I want to join the front 50 to the back 50 into circular knitting for the stranded portion. Then when I get to the end of the stranded stuff, I would reverse the process, returing to ribbing flat.

Does this sound like it could work to anyone else but myself? I really want to avoid seaming. Hahaha.

Yes, that’ll work. What technique are you going to use to knit the tube? Magic loop would work and two circulars or dpns. It might be a little tight using a single smaller circular for the first couple of inches however.

I was thinking the same thing. I have DPNs. I also have a 9 in circular that might work once I get further along,
Thank you. I’m gonna give it a go when I get off work.

Let us know how it goes and post some photos, too, please.

Will do. thanks so much.

I’m still working on the body of the scarf, but the beginning worked out great.
The edge is a bit ruffly, but not so much that it bothers me.

When some day I finish this scarf I’ll see how it goes on the other end.

Truly pretty work, so even and lovely. It’s going to be a fabulous scarf!

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Thank you. It’s very slow going for me.

That is beautiful!

Thank you so much