Changing from circular needle to DPNS

Hi… just finished a hat, all was fine until the switch to DPNS. I did something wrong.
Are there some “pointers” for avoiding: bunched yarn, dropped, twisted stitches at the top of a hat? It started when I switched to the DPNS.
One other thing, since I’ll be starting over… my ribbed band at the bottom of the hat skews out a little, not snug as I’d like.
Thanks so much…
:knitting: :knitting:

The easiest way to transition is to knit about 1/3 of your sts onto one dpn, then another 1/3 to the next then all the sts are on there. Or you may have had too many sts to fit on your dpns so you can do another round or so with the circs, then use the dpns for the next decrease round.

Thanks Sue, I tried slipping them (divided by 3) onto 3 needles and it’s here the twisting, which led to more twisting and some dropping, occured. I will try just knitting the sts on next time, it makes sense.

Anytime you have to change needles, whether for size or different type, it’s far eaiser to just knit sts with the new ones.

Yeah, what Sue said. :slight_smile:

About the bottom band of the hat, you might knit that part on smaller needles, that is often done with ribbing. That should tighten it up.