Changing from a higher weight yarn to a lower weight mid project

It’s my first time crocheting and I am currently making a hodge podge sort of blanket. I started off with really heavy (#7) yarn using a size Q hook because it looked like it would make a cozy blanket but am quickly realizing it is not very cost effective. I was wondering if it is feasible to join in a ball of lower weight yarn that I can by a lot more yardage of cheaper or do I need to continue on with #7 weight yarn? I do not mind if it ends up looking kind of funny, it’s supposed to be a funky looking blanket anyways.

Thanks for any input (and sorry if this is a knitting only site! )

Crochet is cool! and very welcome here.

Are you using a pattern? I think that if I found myself in that situation I would frog the piece and save the yarn for another project and start over with different yarn. You might do multiple strands of the thinner yarn to at least approximate the thickness of the original yarn. How about posting a picture of what you have so far to help us get a better idea of what’s happening.

I’m not really following a pattern since I’m not really sure how to read them, I just found a youtube video for a blanket that was easy to follow. It’s a base chain of 75 and then double half crochet stitches throughout. The video had some written instructions but didn’t really specify the size or anything. I’d really rather just keep on going than undo the blanket, might be a “so ugly it’s cute” kinda look if I am able to go down to a lower weight thread

What weight yarn are you looking at using because in the long run it may not be cost effective

The yarn I was looking at was still pretty thick, around a weight #4 I think

I was thinking the same thing about the cost.

Switching to a different yarn at this point is not likely to work well IMO. Either go ahead and buy more or start your blanket with something else and call this a scarf, maybe. I don’t know what else to suggest. Changing the yarn weight now would at best be tricky.

The difference between 4 and 7 is actually pretty big. You’ll need more of the 4 to finish the project. It will make a difference in the way the blanket looks because one is so much heavier it will narrow down quite a bit on one end. The only way I can see this working is if you use the different weight as a design feature. Like alternate the two weights. Do one section in the 7, then one in the 4, one in the 7, one in the 4…etc. So it’ll kind of wave in and out as yarn size changes. I dunno. Worth a try if you must change.

Got it, looks like I’ll just be biting the bullet and buy more weight 7 yarn but I’ll also give the alternating idea a try. Thanks for the advice everyone, I suppose this is just a good lesson in planning ahead for projects instead of diving right in

Yeah, it’s a learning experience. I now buy more than I need for most projects and then just use the leftovers for charity projects or fun experiments. :slight_smile: For instance if the pattern says it’s going to take 5 skeins I buy at least 6. If you’re just picking up yarn from your stash you can do one of those fun experiments. :slight_smile:

I think you have been using half double crochet (hdc) and I think you might get more mileage from your yarn if you do double crochet (dc) or even extended double crochet and work through either the front loop or back loop only. HDC is pretty dense; a not so dense stitch might make a nicer blanket. Ripping and redoing is all part of the ongoing process too so if you want to change something do it sooner rather than later and really like what you make.

This is the last time I’m starting over for the last time. I don’t know how often I’ve said that. My current crochet project got off to a bad start more than three times; after that I quit counting.