Changing directions halfway

hi all
I’m new to knitting and have started knitting a scarf.
However, I over-estimated the width of the scarf, and did 66 stitches while casting on. It has now become apparent that it’s too wide, and using up too much yarn.
I was wondering whether it is possible to cast off the existing one (current width is 13 inch and length is 5 inch), and then start knitting by increasing length the other way. I.e. knit so that the 5 inch length becomes the new width and 13 inch becomes the new length and build on that. That way, i won’t have a 13 inch wide scarf and will be 5 inch instead.

Does anyone know whether that’s possible, and if so, any directions or links on how to do that?

ps. i’m doing the most basic garter stitching/knitting.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I expect it would be possible to bind off the edge and then pick up and knit on the narrow part, however, I think that I would just frog and restart. Count the number of stitches you need for the desired width before you do…if you do frog. If you do bind off the edge and pick up and knit, you will have ridges at right angles and will probably want to copy it at the other end.

Yep, you can bind off the 66 sts, but leave the last stitch on your needle and pick up sts on the 5" edge, then start knitting that direction. That would actually be very cool, and there’s patterns that start kind of like that anyway - do a search on knit Log Cabin blanket patterns.

Thanks Sueezq! I’ve finally bind off the long edge and have left the last stitc. but i don’t know how to pick up the 5" side to start knitting…do i insert the needle into that short side? It doesn’t look vry right though. can you gvery

Yes, that’s right - there’s a video for picking up sts either on the Tips or Advanced techniqes page. Basically, pretend your 5" edge is the left needle and put the R needle into the edge st that’s right next to your last st from the BO. Wrap the yarn around and pull through and now you have 2 sts on the R needle. Repeat… If you’ve done garter stitch -knit all rows or have a garter stitch edge - you’ll pick up a stitch in every other row along the edge. If it’s in stockinette stitch - alternate knit and purl rows - then pick up 2 sts for every 3 on the edge, or it may work out better to pick up 3 out of every 4 sts.