Changing Colours: Step reduction

Hello all!

Just curious, I am knitting a hat in the round. I am changing the colours manually (not self striping wool) and I would like to reduce the stair effect that occurs.

I have a solution in a book, that suggests in three steps (lord knows without the book here I am not going to get it exact :aww: )

  1. When knitting the first stitch, knit both colours together

  2. Complete the round

  3. When knitting kniting the next round, on the beginning stitch, knit the two colours in from the first stitch.

Repeat for all colour changes.

I am not sure I totally understand these instructions…but then, I am not sure I have relayed the correctly either…

Any help or suggestions??:??

I just finished reading Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks, and I distinctly remember a section in there where she talks about this. I don’t remember, unfortunately, the tricks she gives, but she gave a couple of different options. If you can get ahold of a copy of this book from the library, or perhaps even do the Search Inside option on Amazon, that might help.

You know…I am slightly embarrassed…

The instructions I had, do indeed work, it was just a matter of experiencing the actual knitting at the time. I could not visualize it, and when it actually came to doing the pattern, it suddenly made perfect sense!

Thank you!

I’ve found that to be the case quite a bit…if I just read something it doesn’t make sense, but if I sit there with the yarn and puzzle it through it falls into shape.

Glad you got it! :cheering:

That is why I say to ‘trust the pattern.’ It’s not that patterns are always correct, it’s that sometimes it’s so hard to envision what the directions are saying. Just following the directions step-by-step usually makes the light come on.:thumbsup:

I’m not sure if [B]this[/B]will help but thought I’d post it and see. Hope it helps.

Thanks…that might work even better!