Changing colours...please help

I am knitting a simple rectangle at the moment but there is alot of colour changes. Every three or four rows I change to a new colour (plus the first and last five stitchs are in a certain colour).

my question is how I can make colour changes without cutting the yarn every single row.


thanks so much for your help


If I was making this, and this is just me trying to make things easier, I’d knit the center section in stripes and then add the edging in red by picking up and knitting each side separately.

other then that, is there anything else i can do?

I am having the same question…I am knitting a scarf for my young son who wants it Navy with white stripes…I was thinking along the lines of the HP scarves and doing it in blocks but I don’t know how to switch to a new color.

To just switch to a new color for a striped scarf, just start knitting with the new color and weave in the ends later. If you have thick stripes, you’ll need to cut the yarn between stripes.

For the needle holder, you’ll need a strand of red for each end and the other color for the middle. This is essentially an intarsia pattern, so you might want to check out the video on switching colors without leaving a gap.

Ok so I cut the current color and leave a tail to weave in but with the new color-how do I start knitting…does that make sense? And with a scarf isn’t it supposed to “look good” on both sides? This way there would be a “wrong side” correct?

The only way to make a striped scarf look great on both sides is to knit it in the round. This way, all the color changes are on the inside of the tube–you can even tie knots if you want to attach your new yarn. When you’re done, you sew up the ends of the tube.

In fact there is a whole Knit Along on doing the Harry Potter Scarf.

Also you can check out the videos on attaching new yarn in the Basic Techniques-More section.

Oh thanks! Luckily I am only into this about 12 rows so I can easily start over…I have circular needles but haven’t used them yet…

i am doing an Intarsia pattern and it is working really well for me.