Changing colour?

ive got a pattern for a stripped shoulder bag but i dont want to start it until i know what im doing!!

how do you add another colour to your work? and do i cast off the other colour first?

this is the pattern if the link works!
help anyone?

You don’t cast off from the first color before starting the second. Instead, you just tie in your new color at the end of the row. If you are going to re-use the first color, you don’t have to cut it off, but if you would rather weave the end in you can. then, just start knitting with the other color. If you didn’t cut off the first color, carry it up the side by catching it in stitches on that side. With the tail of the second color, you can either weave it in later, or just knit with both ends of that color held together until you run out of the short end. I’m guessing there’s a video on here somewhere… look under “and more” in basic techniques.

Thanks that makes much more sense than the video on here as i have no sound as my speakers are broken!

now i can start my bag :woot:

Glad I could help… I was afraid to switch colors for years because I didn’t know how to do it. And the videos on here unfortunately don’t work at ALL on my computer. Good luck with your bag, be sure to post pictures!

I read your chat about switching colors. I am knitting a scarf that his horizontal stripes, too. I don’t want to tie a knot to switch color as it’s very visible on the edge of the scarf. WHen switching colors on a sweater, you can hide th knot in the seam. Should I just knit the two colors together for a few stitches?

what I like to do is a join that is called the Russian join. There’s a link to a website illustrating the method here . Its kind of hard to get it lined up exactly right, but usually when I do it, I don’t have to get it exactly on an edge or anything. Maybe try knitting to the end of the row, marking where on the yarn the end of the row is, frogging back a few stitches, and then doing the join.

If you are using wool you can also fold each color back on itself and then felt the strands, it has the same effect.

If you’re braver than me, you can tie a loose knot, leaving the ends free, and then later come back, untie the knot, and weave the ends in. I’m paranoid that I’ll get the knot too tight or I’ll mess up the weave in, or I’ll pull out stitches or something.