Changing Colors

Hello my name is Ron from Indiana. The instruction on this pattern is one I have not seen before. It states; “When changing colors, carry unused color along side of work.” What does that mean?

Also, I always get frustrated when changing colors because it always LOOKS like you are changing colors because of the attaching of the second color I can never get it to look good. any hints or suggestions?

Ron:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

When you carry the color up the side of the work, you let the color not in use travel along the side until it’s needed again. If you’re not going to use it for 4 rows or so, catch it with the working color so that you don’t have loose loops of yarn along the side of the knitting. I think this works best when the yarn being carried will become part of a seam.
There are ways to join a new color described in the videos at the top of the page under Free Videos, Tips, Joining Yarn. They may help with your change of color.

thank you - i think i have got it. we’ll soon see… :smiley:

Ron, the easiest way I know to join colors is to knit onto the back of each stitch of the first new row when you are changing colors.