Changing colors

Hey all,

I’m getting ready to start a sweater vest for my kiddo. It is worked flat in St st. It has a stripe pattern, changing colors every 4 rows. Do I simply drop the yarn at the end of the row, and change to the new color? Then weave in all the ends at the end? Or is there some more sophisticated way that I don’t know about?


Does it just have 2 colors that change back and forth every 4 rows or more than that so that there are quite a few rows between color uses?

Does the vest have knitted on bands on the front edges that will allow you to hide some ‘irregular’ activity right along the front?

There are some tricks you might use but answers to these will help us give a better answer.

It has 5 colors. The bottom edge is 3" of ribbing (k2, p2), followed by a cable row, then 7 rows of ribbing again. Then it starts the stripes. There are armbands and a neckband that are done at finishing.

Oh yeah, the bands are done in ribbing. They are worked on a circular needle, but you don’t join, you work it back and forth. Then sew the band at the end. - Don’t know why that’s just what the pattern says to do.

Can you link to the pattern if possible? It helps us answer you better.

Sure thing - here’s the link. I am modifying it. It is too wide for my boy, but that’s it.

I would cut the colors after each use. It is quite a ways from one use of a color to where it is used again.

One thing you can do is as you begin a new row with a new color to hold the color you are dropping up along the left hand needle and knit with the new color by knitting over the tail on one stitch and then knitting under the tail for the next stitch. Keep alternating that way until you have covered the tail for a couple of inches. You can cut the tail off before or after you work over it. You can adjust the tension on the worked over yarn by pulling on the end of the tail and then stretching things a bit, you don’t want any loops to appear at the end or anything. That will leave a tail of the new color at the edge. I think I would just leave that tail there and work it in to its own color before you sew the vest sides together. But that will cut the number in half that you have to work in.

The colors used with this vest (if you use similar colors) will probably work fine for working in some of the tails the way I said. If the colors are high contrast like red and white sometimes the carried color will peek through a little.