Changing colors


Beginner here. I bought a simple pattern book with dishcloths. I thought it might be a good way to learn the patterns. I did one with great success. Now I picked one with a basketweave. It’s so pretty but it works with two colors. It says not to cut it. Hmmmmm! One video I watched tells to do just that. Another says to knit with both yarns at the same time. Any suggestions???

The pattern also says to [B]turn[/B]…Not sure what to do with that. Do I turn the whole piece around? That’s what I’m thinking.

Any help appreciated.:hug:


Check out the intarsia video on this site. Very helpful for 2 color knitting.

When the instructions say “turn work”, you are right - you do just that. You’ll be knitting stitches that you’ve already knitted without finishing the row, most likely. Does that sound right?

I don’t think you have given enough information for us to be sure what it is asking you to do. Could you show a picture and/or quote some of the pattern (not the whole pattern) so we can see what is happening? I’m wondering if it could be entrelac? With that I believe you turn and pick up stitches along a side or some such think (I haven’t done entrelac). Entrelac can use two colors and looks like a basketweave. You could do a search for instructions for entrelac and see if that is what it is.