Changing colors?

:XX: Ok I am doing what the little smiley is doing, and then
it says to change colors so far it’s always at the end/beginning of a row. I have looked at all the video clips and tried the russian style and the double knit style, I haven’t done the felting becuase I haven’t used that kind of yarn yet.

My question is what prevents the yarn from just pulling out? It doesn’t seem to be working for me and I am afraid that If I don’t knot it all my work will eventually ravell away.
Please help.

If you weave in/knit in the end for 4 or 5 stitches, it is secure. If the yarn is especially slippery, weave/knit in one direction, then back the other direction on the next row.

No worries! Knitted fabric is a lot sturdier than you’d think. I never tie a knot and have never had anything unravel. :slight_smile:

After I weave in the ends, I make a couple knots, just to be safe:)