Changing colors

Hi everyone. My name is Annie and I have a question.

I’m doing my first felted bag w/ a pattern on it. It’s a simple “skull” pattern from the stitch and b---- book.

I have been carrying the new color all the way around the needles. Is that the right thing to do?? I seem to have a lot of extra yarn on the ws of the project… but I couldn’t think of why I would cut and then restart the yarn.

??? thank you.

Is this bag done in the round?

It is possible, in some cases, to do intarsia in the round, but only if both colors are carried all along the row. The only other way to do it in the round is to either do what you’re doing and strand all around the back, or cut the yarn each time. This is why intarsia is usually done flat vecause your yarn is in the right place for your next row.

I’ll have to look up to see what “intarsia” is. The bag is not done yet. I’ve just finished the pattern today… and I’m stuck now.

If you could… can you help??

The pattern is now completed. I’ve got 17 rows to knit and then I have to make the bottom. I’d like to try the way the pattern said… because I’ve never done that before. So… in short… the pattern is as follows:

co 80 sts
knit 17 rows and position marker as follow (28 sts,marker,12 sts,marker,28 sts, marker, 12 sts,marker)
start pattern
"miltered bottom" knit to 2 sts before marker, ssk, pass marker to right needle, k2tog
do this at all 4 markers, then knit a round plain. continue in this manner until you have 2 sts left of each short side.
bo using three needle bind off.

okay, now. my question is about the miltered bottom. how do i know which side is the ssk and which side is the k2tog? i’m probably confuisng myself by thinking too much but the directions don’t tell me where to start the decrease. so, if you could, or anyone… please explaing which side i ssk and which side i k2tog.


From what I read, the ssk is before each marker and the k 2 tog is after each marker.

Intarsia is just the name for putting a picture on a background, as opposed to stranded knitting, like Fair Isle, which has a design all the way around.

Easy enough. I guess I’ll end up with the two sts at the end of the short side… and then I’ll know what’s going on.


BTW… is there a place on the forum where I can see if there are any knitting groups in my area??

There’s no particular area here for that, that I’m aware of anyway. Maybe you should ask at your Local Yarn Shop. They would know.

I don’t know much about it, but here’s a site where you type in your zip code to bring up local knitting groups.