Changing Colors

What is the correct way to change from one color to another? I am knitting a baby hat in stockinette stitch and can change at the end of the row but when I do, it is obvious and not pleasing. :??

It’s very hard to do w/o it showing just a bit when knitting in the round. It annoys me, too, but I’ve pretty much accepted it as the nature of the beast. There is a method called Jogless Jog that you can try. I haven’t mastered it yet, but it’s worth a try.

If you actually really meant how to change colors…just start knitting with the new color. I usually knit with the two strands for a few stitches to avoid a hole.

Is your hat knit flat, or in the round? If it’s knit flat, and your colour changes are right at the edge, it won’t matter because it will be covered up once the hat is seamed. Also, when you weave in the ends of your colour change, you can usually tweak the stitches as you weave in to make it look the nicest possible. If it is knit in the round, I DEFINITELY second Jan’s suggestion of the jogless jog. An invaluable trick for knitting in the round with colour changes.