Changing colors when knitting in the round

I’m adding some stripes to a hat. I just watched Amy’s video on adding in the new yarn with a slip knot on the old and using a duplicate stitch to work in the ends.

My question–if you have a few narrow stripes, separated by only 2 or so rows, can you carry both the main color and the stripe color up and only have to weave in ends at the beginning of the first stripe and at the end of the last?

yes, that’s what I’d do.

also, you might want to research ‘jogless stripes’ - here’s a few places:

Thank you very much for this!

Thank you so much, Marilyn! You really helped me with both carrying the stripe yarn along and learning to make jogless stripes. The hat turned out great, and I’ve started another one. I thought the jogless method would be much more complicated than it actually is.