Changing colors ughhh!

how do i use two colors without doing this!!!

i know this isnt right at all, but it was my first attempt

What are you trying to knit? Give as much info as you can when asking questions and include a link when possible.

If you are trying to knit a block of color you need to use intarsia. If you are knitting two colors along the entire row you use fair isle (best done in the round though).

It looks like you’re doing a block of color. Instructions for the this can be found at the video tab at the top of the page and then click advanced techniques.

You can carry the unused color along the WS of the work, looks like you have it across the RS.

Can we see the other side, too? And can you post a link to what it is you’re trying to make?

Both will help someone figure out the best way to knit it.