Changing colors.. please help!

Hey everyone,

OK this is hard to explain but stick with me. I was trying to knit this flower wall hanging, where the flower is supposed to be tan and the background is brown. So after knitting a few rows of the bg I came to the flower and began to knit in the tips of the petals. After a few rows i realized I was only knitting in one of the petals and had skipped part of the one next to it( ts only a few stitches). Im about three or four rows into the flower and want to know if there is some way I can go back and change the brown yarn to tan like its supposed to be, or if I just have to rip out the past three rows and start all over? Are there any websites that could show something like this? Thanks! :smiley:

If it’s just a few stitches, you might be able to just go over the wrong color stitches with the right color, like a duplicate stitch (also called swiss darning). I don’t know if Amyhas a viddeo for it, but you might be ablet o find directions online or in a knitting book (S&B and S&B nation has it). It’s pretty easy to do… you’re just going over the old color with a new color, using a yarn needle.