Changing colors on scarf

Doing a simple garter stitch scarf for a child. I’m using 3 different colors. The stripes will be about 1.5-2" wide. Do I cut and work in the ends every time I change colors or is there a way to continue the yarn without cutting that won’t look bad? I’m afraid of having tails sticking out every couple of inches but also worried about the edge looking funny if I run all the colors up the edges. What do you all do?

You can really do either. If you cut the ends and then weave them in they won’t be sticking out. You can even weave the start of the new color in as you knit the first row. Or you can run the yarn up the edge and catch it every other row with the working yarn. It’ll show a bit but it won’t be really remarkable.

Weave the start of the new color in as you knit the first row? How’s that work?

If you’re unhappy with the colors carried you could add a narrow border, either knit or crochet.

How often are you planning on changing colors? That can make a difference in the suggestions we have.

I’m thinking I’ll do different size stripes from about 6 to 12 rows.

Then I would cut and weave in each end. Whether you do it as you go or at the end is up to you. If you do it as you go I suggest knitting at least a few rows before weaving in.

[QUOTE=GrumpyGramma;1361479]Weave the start of the new color in as you knit the first row? How’s that work?QUOTE]

You can carry the new yarn end along the row by catching it in the working yarn similar to the way you carry floats in fair isle but more often. (You could do this with the old yarn tail as well although I’ve never tried doing it with both ends, too bulky.)

The only thing about carrying up the side is the other color will show on the edge. I do carry up the side if its only a couple rows between each color and/or I’m going to pick up stitches and knit a border. Otherwise I want my edges clean with separate color blocks. I’m just fussy I guess or maybe I’m doing it differently.

I agree, the cleaner edge is to cut the yarn and weave in the ends. No doubt about it.


Sorry, I don’t understand what this means. For now I’ll just cut and work it in. thanks all!!

It’s just an alternative way to weave in ends. You can weave in as you normally would with no problem. Good luck with the scarf and post a photo when you finish, if you’d like.