Changing colors of yarn

I have several knitting patterns that use 2 or 3 colors. How do I change colors without cutting the yarn each time? Is there a way to carry it somehow?

Are you knitting stripes? If you are knitting no more than a couple rows you can carry it up the side. When you get to the end you twist the yarns by bringing the color you are using under the unwanted color and it’ll carry it up neatly.

You may or may not like the effect of the colors up the side with more than one color so give it a try on a swatch.

Thanks Jan I am actually knitting cotton dishcloths that have really neat patterns and some with stripes. A couple you knit like two rows with white and then you change to lime green. If I cut it each time there are going to be lots of strings to weave in and I think that will look like a mess. Am I making any sense at all?

You can knit 2 or 4 rows with one color and don’t need to cut it when you change, as long as you don’t need to carry the first color more than 4 rows.

Knit 2 rows with color A, drop it and work 2 rows with color B, drop it and pick up color A, but loosely twist them around each other so there’s not a loose loop at the edge.

Yep, as Sue says it’s fine for that. Especially with something like a dishcloth. :thumbsup:

Or if you are knitting something that you will put a crocheted border on afterwards. Then the ‘carried’ pieces will get worked over by the border.


Oh good call! :thumbsup: