Changing Colors & Misplaced Stripes

I’m making a flat scarf using K1P1 so there is not curling on the ends. When I change to from my MC to CC for a thick stripe of CC, there is one row of CC underneath the last row of MC that I K1P1 across. Is there anyway to get rid of the misplaced CC row?

When you change a color in a purl stitch, it shows. When I’ve changed colors on ribbing at the bottom of a sweater I knit the whole row to avoid this, but I don’t know if that will work for your scarf. There’s no way to not have it happen. In fact, Elizabeth Zimmerman refers to it as the ‘dreaded purl bump.’ Some patterns use it as a design feature, though, you you have to decide if you can live with it.

You can try knitting across the whole row and see if/how it affects the look of your scarf.

thanks … that helped … if i just knit the entire last row before the color change (instead of k1p1) it made the purl bump is less noticeable